Who am I? Well, lets just say that I’m a web tourist who has been traveling in the Internet for a long time, but not longer than some dinosaurs that still are out there (in a good way). In this blog I write about some of topics that catch my attention and interest for a few moments, in the end they seem to be mostly about technology and software development. For a more active feed you can also follow me on mastodon, where I regularly publish links to interesting articles related the state of the tech world and security.

In the real world I tend stay on a place somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, where the grass is green and the … weather is nice.

While in college I’ve worked on several projects for some companies, among them you can find jeKnowledge, iNovmapping and Whitesmith.co. In this last one, I spent my days playing with the security aspects of  some “Internet of Things” devices. More recently I turned my attention (again) to software development and have been digging deeper into blockchain technologies and distributed systems.

Below is a small list of links to other places, where you can find some of my stuff on the web. For a more personal contact you can always try “gon at ovalerio dot net” (my public key can be found here), find me on IRC’s network freenode, as “dethos” (check if “/nickserv ACC dethos” is 3), or use this hawkpost box to send me something encrypted without much trouble.

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