Some talks that I’ve made through time in different circumstances, that might be helpful to you.

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20 Minute tour of GPG (2015)

These are a small set of slides for quick workshop that I gave to introduce a group of people at Whitesmith to GPG and some encryption techniques.

If assume that the reader doesn’t know nothing about the subject and needs to protect files or messages (e-mails), either in transit or at rest.


Managing Secrets (2017)

In this presentation was given on the 5ª edition of the Madeira Tech Meetup and is a brief introduction to a real world problem for many companies as they grow, which is to manage a large number of secrets used by many agents.

In the presentation I try to focus on the area of software development and tasks related to the operations teams, so I picked Vault as a possible solution for this problem and made a demo of a real world scenario.