Finding blockchain challenges to learn and practice

With “Blockchain” technologies gaining a certain momentum in the last few years, we have witnessed a spread of different implementations with many variations in several aspects, even tough they are  built over the same principals.

This field is not easy to get started with and after taking the time to learn one approach, lets say “smart contract development in ethereum”, there might be less motivation to explore other technologies and networks.

An approach that is being used by the proponents of these networks, is to organize challenges and competitions to try to call the attention of other developers. With these competitions you can learn, explore, solve certain problems and in the end even win some reward (in the form of cryptocurrency/tokens). Most of these challenges happen online and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

For those interested, the most difficult part is finding the currently open challenges and competitions, so last week I put together a bare-bones page (plus RSS feed and calendar) aggregating the challenges that I find on the web.

You can access the page in the following URL:

I will try to keep it updated. In case you find it useful and discover any unlisted challenge, please submit it there, so it can be added to the list.

Note 22/04/2020: Given the website was no longer updated or maintained, I took it of the air.

By Gonçalo Valério

Software developer and owner of this blog. More in the "about" page.