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Ignite Coimbra

IgniteLast friday I went to the 9,5º Ignite Portugal, the first held in Coimbra, it was shorter than usual maybe because it happened between two major events,one in Lisbon and another in Oporto. For those who doesn’t know what i’m talking about, Ignite is:

“Fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, global—Ignite is all of these and more. It’s a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have an idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd.”

It all started in Seattle in 2006 and spread to all over the world. I was hoping for something bigger and with more talks about lots of other subjects, perhaps I went to the wrong event and the one that happened in Lisbon was what I had in my mind. Yet it was a well spent evening and I was particularly fascinated with Pedro Ruivo’s talk, “Sonhar>Acreditar>Alcançar>Superar”.

Finally I have to agree with Ignite’s philosophy, with 5 minutes talks you never get bored, it was 3 hours at cruising speed.

By Gonçalo Valério

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