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This year’s project

Another year and another codebits edition has come and gone. This time i had to enter the 48h programming competition. So with André Gonçalves and some help of Carlos Santos, we tried to develop a new service that would help the users of MEO Kanal. The description of the service was the following:

Basically this project aims to develop a new way of managing your MEO Kanal (or several of them) through your cloudpt account. Giving you the ability to access all the functionality without the need of a browser or any additional software.

The way it works is simple, just give the permissions to the webapp (from MEO Kanal and cloudpt accounts) and you are ready to manage your channel from any devise which can upload files to cloudpt, by adding or removing files in the channel folder. The next video (we made it for the presentation) shows the basic usage of the app:

Since the project is not finished and the coudpt will not be available to the public till December, i will try, in the next few months, to complete at least the basic functionality and publish a prototype. You can access the code (and help) in the github repository of the project. So if you have any idea, opinion or want to give a little feedback, please use the comments.

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