It is almost a decade old, but this documentary film is still worth viewing. It addresses the same issues as the Everything is a remix series (that I also shared in previous posts, here, here and here).

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Everything is a Remix, Case Study

Following the other two posts (here and here) containing the 4 episodes of this great web series, i just had to share this video with a small case study about the iPhone.

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Everything is a Remix: Part 4

The final chapter of the “Everything is a remix” series is officially out. As I posted here the first three episodes I have to do the same for this one.

Is the end of an interesting and visually appealing analysis to the background of creativity and innovation, suggesting that there is nothing 100% original.

We have to thank the author and everyone involved for the good work done here.

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Everything is a Remix

Some days ago i found the third episode of a four-part series that explores one vision of how innovation happens and argues that every invention/creation is a mix of older discoveries. In a fantastic work made by Kirby Ferguson, he takes you on a journey through some of great creations of history showing that nothing is truly 100% original.

I opted to view all three episodes released till today in order so i could understant the background (and was a good idea). I didn’t like some of the editing decitions, like the credits appearing in the middle of the video (the first time i thought the movie had ended and almost closed the window), but the overall it is quite nice.

I leave here the first 3 episodes ( the 4th hasn’t been released yet) and i hope you like it. You can get more info and support the autor at .


(Click on the image to start the video)