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Everything is a Remix

Some days ago i found the third episode of a four-part series that explores one vision of how innovation happens and argues that every invention/creation is a mix of older discoveries. In a fantastic work made by Kirby Ferguson, he takes you on a journey through some of great creations of history showing that nothing is truly 100% original.

I opted to view all three episodes released till today in order so i could understant the background (and was a good idea). I didn’t like some of the editing decitions, like the credits appearing in the middle of the video (the first time i thought the movie had ended and almost closed the window), but the overall it is quite nice.

I leave here the first 3 episodes ( the 4th hasn’t been released yet) and i hope you like it. You can get more info and support the autor at .


(Click on the image to start the video)

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