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Just try a diferent approach

Nowadays it isn’t easy to get a job here in Portugal, most students stay unemployed for a while when they graduate from college. Most of them simply send curriculum’s to some companies/employers and just wait for someone who needs to approach them.

I only wrote this article to show my point of view, the world out there is a battlefield and you have to make your own way through it.

Today when I was reading my news feeds, I saw an article at TechCrunch’s website, talking about this guy who spent $3000 from his own money to create a viral campaign asking Google to hire him. You can watch it at:

I’m not saying that his “production” is good or bad, but at least he tried and until now he is making good publicity of his skills. He maybe would not get into Google but with all the attention he has got many other company’s will for sure try to hire him (he works on marketing).

According to his personal blog, he already has some proposals and got the attention of Google. I hope this post calls the attention to the ones that read my blog and to “future me” that you have to be different and go after what you want.

By Gonçalo Valério

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