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“Now I Know”

The Internet is full of contents about entrepreneurship like blog articles, ebooks, interviews, videos, podcasts etc. But the vast majority of that content is usually long and boring, most of the time i can’t consume it to the end or i don’t even watch because of its length.

There are for sure quality content around the web, that needs time to send the message and i don’t mind to spend 1/2 hours of my day to learn something worthwhile. However in the common case the essential message of that content doest’t need more than 2/3 minutes to make the consumer understand the message.

Answering this question, and while we wait for “The Startup Kids” (that promises to be a great documentary), there is a new video series called “Now I Know” made by Sprinkle Lab, that i discovered trough Techcrunch, that solves this issue. With 1/2 minutes videos and one message at a time, they share the lessons learned, told in person, by well known people in the technology area.

I already watched all the available videos simply because they leave you wanting to know the next tip. Just take a look at the following example:

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