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“Client” the specie who rules the earth

One thing that i always heard about and read through the Internet, was that dealing with some customers isn’t an easy task. I don’t have much experience in that matter but slowly I’m starting to believe in that. Recently I took some time to read a bunch of quotes from the blog “Clients from hell” and I have to say that some of the stuff we can find there are hilarious.

Below you can find the selection I made from this Christmas season:

Client: Can you just get rid of this here?

Me: The Lorum Ipsum?

Client: Yeah, just fill it with dummy text that doesn’t mean anything.

Good idea!

Client: Hey, I need to make sure my name, email address and phone number are up on our contact page.

Me: I’m not at a computer right now, can you click on the contact page?

Client: (click…click) Ah, there it is.  Thanks!

It wasn’t there, i swear!

“We need an illustrator with a medical or veterinarian background. We’re expecting a lot of responses, so make sure to give as low a quote as possible!”

yeah, people with that set of skills are everywhere!

A client asked me to book some hotel rooms.

Me: Do you want a room with one bed or two beds?

Client: What’s the difference?

You’re right, none!

And now to conclude, one video that says it all:

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