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Newsletters for Python web developers

The amount of new information that is added each day to the web is overwhelming, trying to keep up daily with everything about a given topic can be a time consuming process. One good way I found to tackle this problem and to avoid wasting a good chunk of my day searching and filtering through lots of new content in order to know what’s going on, was to subscribe to good resources that curate this material and send to my email box at the end of each week/month.

Over time I found that the following 4 sources have continuously provided me with selection of good and up to date content summing up what I might have missed in the previous week/month related to Python and web development in general.

Pycoders weekly

This weekly newsletter is not focused on the web but address what’s going on on the python community, suggests good articles so you can level up your python skills and showcases interesting projects or libraries.


Django Round-Up

This one is comes less frequently but I found the quality of the content to be high. As its name shows, Django round-up focus exclusively on contents related to the web framework.


HTML5 Weekley

The first two were about the server side, with this one we move to the browser. HTML5 Weekly focuses on what can be done in the browser and were these technologies are heading to.


Javascript Weekly

Being a web development post we can’t leave JavaScript behind, at least for now. This newsletter gives you the latest news and tools related to this programming language.


I hope you like it. If you find them useful you might also want to follow my Django Collection bundle (which I described in this old post), where I collect useful material related with the Django web framework.

By Gonçalo Valério

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