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On buying new hardware

When I was buying my laptop some years ago, I wished I knew of a website with a database of hardware that works well with free software. Specially with any operating system based on Linux, so I wouldn’t get into too much trouble to get everything working. Instead I ended up purchasing a machine that came with Windows and a bunch of hardware that depended on proprietary drivers to work well. It took ages to get every feature to work as it should on my chosen distribution.

Recently I discovered h-node, a website created by the free software foundation (FSF) together with Debain GNU/Linux which tries to:

… aim at the construction of a hardware database in order to identify what devices work with a fully free operating system.

Since not everyone uses Windows or Mac OSX, I hope this might be helpful to those reading this blog. As for me, next time I need to buy something I already know where to start my research.

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LCD monitor, How it works?

Recently i was reading ‘Geeks are Sexy‘ Blog and found this awesome video made by Bill Hammack ( “The engineer guy”) about LCD monitors. He unmounted one of them and explained the main components, their physical properties and how they work.

I will leave here the video and i can assure that if you ever made this question to your self, will be 4 minutes well spent.