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KDE Connect

The KDE ecosystem is filled with great applications, an awesome DE and great tools to develop computer software. I’ve been a satisfied user for a couple of years and I’m still learning and discovering new features and capabilities of this software collection.

The last one was “KDE Connect“, available since 2013 (I’m late to the party), allows you to pair your Android mobile device with your computer, giving you the ability to do stuff like:

  • Manage and transfer files between both systems in your file manager (ex. Dolphin)
  • Receive the phone notifications on the computer
  • Easy access to the phone information (ex: battery) in a widget
  • Control your computer’s media player through your phone
  • Transform your phone in a touch-pad and keyboard
  • Share the same clipboard

It started as a Google “Summer of Code” project, but the development continued and many more features seem to be planed according to the blog of the developer. The installation was pretty easy and the first synchronization straightforward, but you have to be careful and set your firewall rules accordingly or the devices won’t detect each other.

If you didn’t tried it yet and use KDE, please do. The design of the application is basic but the functionality is great. Here is a little video of the software in action:

By Gonçalo Valério

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