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Capitão Falcão

Last week was (finally) the premiere of the film “Capitão Falcão“, the first Portuguese super-hero. Since I was one of the “few” that saw the pilot, when this project was supposed to be some kind of TV show, I had high expectations for it (believe me, the pilot was good).

The film is supposed to be a gross satire of the Portuguese regime before the 25th of April of 1974, where everyone that opposes the government is portrayed as a villain.

So this weekend i didn’t lose the chance and went to see it. In the remaining of this post i will make a tiny review of the movie without any spoilers.

Overall it was a good movie, it has its funny moments, hilarious portraits of real life characters and it mocks some political views. The argument is good enough for you to not lose interest in whats going on and the making is within of what is expectable for this kind of movie, without an astronomical budget.

It is good but could be better, as one of my friends said, the movie recycles lots of great jokes and funny content from the 30 minute pilot across the film, without enough new content to maintain the needed density and rhythm. This way there are some moments in the film where that void is filled with longer and repetitive fighting scenes.

Summing up, “Capitão Falcão” is a breath of fresh air in the Portuguese cinema, that I recommend and hope that it leads the way for more good and original movies made in this country.

Note: There might be surprises after the credits

By Gonçalo Valério

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