Pixels Camp v3

Like I did in previous years/versions, this year I participated again on Pixels.camp, a kind of conference plus hackathon. For those who aren’t aware, it is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) technology event in Portugal (from a technical perspective not counting with the Web...

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capitao falcao

Capitão Falcão

Last week was (finally) the premiere of the film “Capitão Falcão“, the first Portuguese super-hero. Since I was one of the “few” that saw the pilot, when this project was supposed to be some kind of TV show, I had high expectations for it (believe me, the pilot was...

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raw open data

Raw Open Data

Last month I attended an interesting event here in Coimbra, about the concept of Open Data, which is described in Wikipedia like this: Open data is the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or...

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T-shirt Logo

RubyConf Portugal

In the beginning of last week, during the days 13 and 14, I and some guys from Whitesmith went to Braga for the first RubyConf Portugal. I’m not a huge fan of Ruby but since i work with it from time to time, i took the chance to learn a little bit more about it and improve my understanding of...

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Codebits 2014

The 3 days passed so fast that i got the sensation that the event took place in only one day. The only regret I felt in this year’s event was related with the fact that our team was unable to get the project ready for the presentation in 48h. We were developing a service that would  pay...

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Cheap, Safe and Friendly

As a Portuguese citizen, after i come across an article named “Top 15 Cheap, Safe and Friendly Countries” and saw my country in this list, i have to leave here my two cents about the subject. I’m not gonna evaluate or judge the process and the origin of the data that led the...

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The King’s Speech

Some time ago i wrote about a guy who showed up in a TV Show talking about a new mentality that is needed here in Portugal. Today I’m gonna return to that subject and post here one video (yes one more, this is starting to look like a video channel) of his speech at TEDx Youth Braga, that i...

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Coimbra on the move

These are difficult times for every student in Portugal, the amount of jobs available, for those who are finishing their studies in the next few years, is limited and in some areas rare is the appropriate word. So most of the graduating students already are looking for opportunities, not in our...

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Show what you can do

Well, this time i bring a video from a TV discussion (on the Portuguese show “Prós e Contras”) where this young man, talks about a new mentality that is needed for the young men and women that finish their college degree and are about to enter the job market. I was surprised because it...

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