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Starting out with Meteor.js

For some time now, I’ve this urge to try to build something using meteor.js just for test purposes and to check what i can do with this framework that everybody is talking and writing about. So a few days ago i decided to give it a go, i installed meteor and I have put everything into place to start developing (and learning, while doing it of course).

The problem was that i was short in ideas for a small project, the ones that came to my mind were a bit too complex for my first app and specially for the time i wished to spend on it. After a while, the solution came in the form of an eureka moment and decided to build the most original piece of software ever, a To-Do List.

Ok, that wasn’t my brightest moment but at least i had something. To increase the difficulty of the task a little bit, i tried to build a simple clone of (without the good look), a tool that as Lifehacker says, lets you “create shareable To-Do lists on the fly, no account required”. Plus i added for each task a “progress feed” that lets you know what’s going on and what recently changed in it (good for shared tasks).

So in the next “few” lines i will describe the most important steps i took to build this thing (summed) and since this was a discovery project probably you will find some stuff that could be done in a better way. The git repository with the code can be found here.

To try it out, an instance of this application is running at