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Federated Tweets, or Toots

Recently there was been a big fuss about “Mastodon“, an open-source project that is very similar to twitter. The biggest difference is that it is federated. So what it means?

It means that it works like “email”, there are several providers (called instances) where you can create an account (you can setup your own server if you desire) and accounts from different providers can communicate with each other, instead of all information being in just one silo.

Of course for someone that is in favor of an open web this is a really important “feature”.

Another big plus is that the wheel wasn’t reinvented, this network is inter-operable with the existing “GNU Social” providers (uses the same protocol), so you can communicate and interact with people that have an account in an instance running that software. It can be seen like 2 providers of the same network running different software packages (one in PHP the other in Ruby) but talking the same language over the network.

I haven’t tested it much yet, but given it is a push for a solution that is not centralized (which is a rare thing nowadays) and I think it is a small step in the right direction, So I’ve setup an individual instance for myself where I will publish regularly links of posts/articles/pages that I find interesting. Feel free to follow at and if you know someone worth following in this network, let me know.

Here are a few links with more information:

List of instances where you can create an account

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