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Managing Secrets With Vault

I’ve been looking into this area, of how to handle and manage a large quantity of secrets and users, for quite a while (old post), because when an organization or infrastructure grow, the number of “secrets” required for authentication and authorization increase as well. Is at this stage that bad practices (that are no more than shortcuts) as reusing credentials, storing them in less appropriate ways or no longer invalidating those who are no longer in required, start becoming problematic.

Yesterday at “Madeira Tech Meetup” I gave a brief introduction to this issue and explored ways to overcome it, which included a quick and basic explanation of Vault and demo about a common use case.

You can find the slides of the presentation here and if you have any suggestion or something you would like to discuss about it, feel free to comment or reach through any of the contact mediums I provided.

By Gonçalo Valério

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