How to work asynchronously

Just watched a talk by Jason Fried (available at the bottom of the post), about how you should take as much care about how your company works, as you take care of your products. More than the actual name or topic of the presentation, what I really liked to see were some of the processes and mindset Basecamp has, that are really well thought in order to fit the reality of a company that works mostly asynchronously. You can read about it in some books but seeing it action brings a whole new level of clarity.

It may sound easy to apply these concepts in our day to day, but it isn’t. I know this because after 2 years of working remotely, for a company that is remote friendly and does the best it can to make the work more asynchronous, we still fall for some of the bad habits described in the talk, such as relying too much in the chat app.

Either way, I recommend it, I learned a lot and hope you enjoy it.

Your Company Should be Your Best Product | Jason Fried, Basecamp | BoS USA 2016

By Gonçalo Valério

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