The amount and maturity of the tools available to help developers in process of building new applications and products is often crucial to the success of any given technology, platform or ecosystem.

Nowadays in this blockchain trend we are witnessing, the front runner and most mature contender is Ethereum, for sure. The quality and quantity of the tools and content (documentation, tutorials, etc) available to developers in order to build on top of it, is miles away from the competition.

Recently I’ve been working and experimenting with NEO blockchain (as you can see on some of my previous posts), a team that I took part even won an award of merit in their most recent dApp competition (Github repository). During that period we felt the pain of the lack of maturity and documentation that affected this new “ecosystem”.

Things got better, but there are a few things still missing, such as tools that help you integrate your applications and services with the blockchain, tools to make the developer’s life easier and tools to make their dApps more useful, such as the equivalent to Ethereum’s web3.js and Metamaskextension for example.

Even though you can achieve a lot with NEO’s JSON RPC API and through running your own node, I still think things should be easier. So at the last Whitesmith hackathon we’ve tried to address a subset of these pains.

We’ve put together, on that limited timeframe, a simple and rough service that delivers blockchain events as traditional Webhooks (websockets are planned) to make it easier for everybody to interact in real-time with any smart-contract.

We are looking for feedback to understand if it is something more developers also need and in that case work towards improving the service. Feel free to take a look at:

By Gonçalo Valério

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