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Shutting Down Webhook-logger

A few years ago I built a small application to test Django’s websocket support through django-channels. It basically displayed on a web page in real time all the requests made to a given endpoint (you could generate multiple of them) without storing anything. It was fun and it was very useful to quickly debug stuff , so I kept it running since that time.

If you are interested in more details about the project itself, you can find a complete overview here.

However today, Heroku, the platform where it was running, announced the end of the free tier. This tier has been a godsend for personal projects and experiments over the last decade and heroku as a platform initially set the bar really high regarding the developer experience of deploying those projects.

“Webhook-logger” was the only live project I had running on Heroku’s free tier and after some consideration I reached the conclusion it was time to turn it off. Its functionality is not unique and there are better options for this use case, so it is not worth the work required to move it to a new hosting provider.

The code is still available in case anyone still want to take a look or deploy by their own.

By Gonçalo Valério

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