Finding Product Market Fit

Interesting talk addressing the challenges of finding product market fit, in the form of a case study about Weebly . It’s worth the 1h you will spend listening, if you are into this kind of stuff.

The transcript and slides can be found on the Startup School’s website.


How to work asynchronously

Just watched a talk by Jason Fried (available at the bottom of the post), about how you should take as much care about how your company works, as you take care of your products. More than the actual name or topic of the presentation, what I really liked to see were some of the processes and mindset Basecamp has, that are really well thought in order to fit the reality of a company that works mostly asynchronously. You can read about it in some books but seeing it action brings a whole new level of clarity.

It may sound easy to apply these concepts in our day to day, but it isn’t. I know this because after 2 years of working remotely, for a company that is remote friendly and does the best it can to make the work more asynchronous, we still fall for some of the bad habits described in the talk, such as relying too much in the chat app.

Either way, I recommend it, I learned a lot and hope you enjoy it.

Your Company Should be Your Best Product | Jason Fried, Basecamp | BoS USA 2016

Random Bits Startups

Managing a 100% remote company

This video about Gitlab was posted recently and is a very interesting case-study on how a company can normally function while having all of its employees working remotely.


Making it in Madeira

Living outside of the big cities or big technology/financial hubs sometimes is the synonym of being left out of everything whats going on and being far away of many opportunities for your own professional development. On these places the ecosystem is vibrant with lots of events and meetups, either focused on networking or to share knowledge about a given topic.

Unfortunately for those leaving far away of these centers, even though remote working is more prevalent nowadays, we still are not able to attend and be part of these things regularly.

That is why I see with great pleasure the recent grow in this kind of activity in Funchal. Institutions like the University of Madeira, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Startup Madeira and some other people, have been organizing recently several of this events and promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and a culture of innovation. This might turn the city’s ecosystem more dynamic and help exploring new and open opportunities, specially related with technology and the digital economy, in an island that is somewhat dependent on tourism.

As an example in the last few weeks, we’ve had a informal business networking event called “Afterwork” which as been happening  with some regularity, we had some talks in several fields given by experts in M-ITI open to the public and we also had a workshop of “marketing for startups” given by Felipe Ávila Da Costa from Infraspeak (previously UPTEC).

Of course this should be just the staring of a long walk, but is good to see some movement in this area. Because I see much potential in other areas, that are not tied to location or raw materials, to be developed and “shipped”  to the rest of the world from Madeira, we just have to change to a doing mindset and explore the existing global opportunities while living here.

Foto by Tiago Aguiar (

And lets get real, who doesn’t prefer to work and live in a beautiful island with great weather all year round, instead of endure crazy cold winters and burning hot summers?

Also, have I already talked about the great co-working spaces we have here? Perhaps I will do it in a future post.