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Rust examples and exercises

Learning to program in Rust is as easy like other languages out there, because it ends up having different constrains and new concepts that you will have to go through, in the beginning everybody fights the compiler at least a little bit.

I started this journey a while ago, however I’ve been progressing slowly just dedicating some time once in a while when I don’t anything else to do.

I did what many recommendations on the internet tell you to do, start by reading the official book, that is in fact pretty good. But after reading one or two chapters, we need to practice and play with the language to have a feel of it and explore the new concepts you had just learned.

So in this small post I just want to share two open resources that can be used while you read the book to practice what you have just learned.

The first one is a website with examples you can modify and execute live in the browser called Rust by Example.

The second is an official rust project that will put your knowledge up to a test called Rustlings.

You can use it like the above video or with rustlings watch that stop and reload each exercise until you solve it.

This is it, I hope they end being helpful to someone else as well.

By Gonçalo Valério

Software developer and owner of this blog. More in the "about" page.

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