My setup to keep up with podcasts

To be sincere, I have a strong preference for written content. There is something with audio and video (podcasts and streams) that doesn’t fit very well with me or how I consume content when I’m at the computer.

Nevertheless, there is a lot a great content that is only available through podcasts. So sometimes I need to tune in.

Given I like to go for a run once in a while, listening to a podcast is a great way to learn something while training. For this reason, I decided to be as organized with the podcasts as I am with the written content that I consume.

One great thing about the podcast ecosystem, is that it is one of the few that haven’t totally succumbed to the pressures of centralization. Sure, there have been many attempts, but you can still follow and listen to most of your favorite producers without being tied to an app that belongs to an internet giant.

You can use open-source software on your computer or phone to manage sources and listen to episodes, and then rely on RSS feeds to find out when new content is available. It works pretty well.

After some trial and error… there are tons of apps for all platforms… today I’m sharing my current setup, one I’m pleased with.

  • For my phone and tablet: AntennaPod. It is open-source, lets you download the episodes to listen offline, and doesn’t require any account.
  • For my computers: Kasts. Almost the same as AntennaPod, but for standard Linux distros.


The apps work great when used standalone. However, with multiple devices, I need the subscriptions to be the same, to know the episodes I already listened to and to keep track of the status of the episode I’m currently listening. So I can jump from one device to another.

If I can’t have everything in sync, it becomes a total mess. Fortunately, we can do that using another piece of open-source software that is self-hostable.

To keep all the devices on the same note, I use GPodder Sync on an existing Nextcloud instance. Both AntennaPod and Kasts have built-in support for it and work “flawlessly” together.

This is it, if you think there is a better way to do this in an “open” way, please let me know, I’m always open to further enhancements.

By Gonçalo Valério

Software developer and owner of this blog. More in the "about" page.

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@content it's harder to "take note" of something in audio (&video) as it flies by and you scramble to figure how to go back just far enough without messing everything up or wasting time….. Whereas with text you can sit in it for a minute to let it sink in easily, allowing yourself to day dream or write it down. Maybe?

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