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Codebits 2014

The 3 days passed so fast that i got the sensation that the event took place in only one day. The only regret I felt in this year’s event was related with the fact that our team was unable to get the project ready for the presentation in 48h.

We were developing a service that would  pay developers (using MEO Wallet) who contribute to open source projects, with bounties associated to specific issues, as soon as their pull request is merged in Github.

The rest of the event was awesome as always and all the speakers of the talks i was able to attend (Christian Heilmann, Miguel Duarte, Miguel Mota Veiga, …) were up to the job.

So next year the organization can count with my application to the event again.

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Here i go again

Just take a look on what arrived to my mail box yesterday morning:


Like last year (and a little bit sooner this year) i had the privilege of being accepted for the biggest technology event here in Portugal. It will take place in Lisbon in the middle of November and i will be there, participating in the 48h hackathon, and this time trying to finish my project. So in the next two months I will be collecting ideas (comment box please, if anyone would like to share some) and preparing for a great weekend.

If you’re going too, see you there. If you didn’t applied yet, you only have 3 days left.

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To Codebits here i go…

2_normalThat’s right folks, just look at that beautiful message at the screenshot.

I’m sure that the most famous 800 people tech event in the country will be an amazing weekend, with lots of interesting talks, people and some competitions that will push the participants to the limit. If in the next few weeks, some nice ideia comes to my mind, maybe i will try my luck in the programing competition. So i’m looking foward to it.

If you are one of the lucky ones too, see you in November at Pavilhão Atlântico.

P.S.: And yes i will accept the “Nuclear Taco” challenge