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Almost 9 zeros

Take a picture, add some pre-made effects and share. Now just wait for people to leave comments on your “work”. These were the steps that i made till i reach this photo:


The biggest tech news in the last few days was around this simple process and the application that is behind it. It’s called “Instagram” and Facebook just paid more than 900 million dollars for it (more than The New York Times current market value, according to some websites).

I already knew the service but never had tried because it was only available for the iphone. Recently with the launch of the android version and all the buzz around the deal with facebook, i decided to try the app and see if it worth all that noise around it.

The greatest weakness that i see on the service is that it doesn’t have a web interface, so basically all the network only functions within the mobile app, which is very limiting. People are comparing this application with Youtube, saying it is the same thing for photos, but Youtube works everywhere (almost all platforms) and Instagram doesn’t.

Besides that and in a overall view, the app is addicting, has a nice design and you learn fast despite the icons and menus aren’t obvious at first (on the android version). I found myself watching photos and more photos that i didn’t even care about, and that is a good sign.

In conclusion, i am from the opinion that it was a nice move from facebook to buy Instagram but it was very (very) overvalued, since there are lots of other great ways to share photos on the web.

Time will tell if it was well spent money or not.

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Finally some choice

Yesterday when walking around in a mall, I decided to enter one Portuguese store called “Worten” to check some notebooks and other equipment, to stay updated about what this stores are selling and the current prices.
I already had read about some netbooks being sold in Portugal with Ubuntu but I thought it was only advertising and that in reality it would never happen, so if I wanted to buy one computer without Windows, Internet was the only solution. But apparently I was wrong.
So when checking the notebooks I noticed a little orange badge, on the cheapest computer that was on the shelf, saying “Ubuntu Certified”,  suddenly I was shocked and thought “Finally we have a choice”.
So to prove it, some shots below:

ubuntucert4 ubuntucert3 ubuntucert2 ubuntucert1_0

The specifications of the equipment doesn’t match with the one that was announced because it’s another model, but doesn’t matter, still is a step forward.

P.S.: The battery, in my point of view, is the weakest part, 4,5 hours is not so good.

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Light Field Cameras

lytroA new era in digital photography is coming, maybe because the new technology that a startup called Lytro is using to build their cameras. Calling it a “revolution”, they presented to the world a new type of camera and new file format that will allow you to take a shot and refocus latter when you’re in your computer.

Many websites already wrote about the subject (TechSpot or Technology Review), so in a simple and short way, it’s a camera that capture light rays in more than one direction, allowing you to choose later what to focus in the picture. For more details read the above mentioned articles or visit Lytro’s website.

I just wanted to share that I’ve played with some of the example pictures they have in their gallery and it’s quite impressive, now we will have to wait to see if the price will be affordable. Now try this example: