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A message to my Portuguese fellows

I know that we are in a deep hole and will be very dificult to get out of it, but we will have to do it. So here is a little message to give you some hope:

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Dark Matters, …

… is the name of the animation that i found in while reading today’s posts at Planet Geek. It’s very educational and the creators made a very nice job turning those contents into something understandable for us, common mortals. So for those who think that everything already have been discovered, here it is:

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill

While i was surfing on the web i found a video, in a blog post, which was published 3 days ago to remember the environmental disaster that was the last year’s oil spill. It’s a short animation that gathered the estimated amount of oil that went to the sea and tries to split it in his uses, to give us the notion of the real size of the damage.

Take a look on one reason why it’s urgent to reduce our oil dependency.

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E-mails: hours to seconds

I remember those old times when i didn’t know nothing about computer programming and i was a member of the organization of the National Meeting of students of physiotherapy and after a conference about physiotherapy and spine related problems. At that time when we had to send some hundreds or even thousands of emails for other students and professional on that field, we spent hours or even days.

One of the problems was that our email provider (Gmail) didn’t allow to send a single email for more than ‘x’ people or send more than ‘y’ emails a day,if you had exceeded the limit they would block your account for the next 24 hours. For that problem the solution is don’t use Gmail for what it isn’t intended for. There are plenty other services to do that.

The other problem was the use of large files, full of emails adresses that we had to split through many emails. For this one, here is a possible solution, a script that connects to a SMTP server and sends the message to every contact in the “.txt” file.

import smtplib
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText

def send_to_all(server,login,passwd,subject,msg, cfile):
	contacts=open(cfile, 'r')
	smtp=smtplib.SMTP(server, 465) #change for 587 if doesnt work
	smtp.starttls() #comment this line if the server doesnt support TLS
	for item in contacts:

def main():
	#Asks the info to the user
	print "Server: "
	print "Login: "
	print "Password: "
	print "Subject: "
	print "Message: "
	print "Contacts file: "
	#sends the message to all contacts in the file
	send_to_all(server, login, passwd, subject, msg, cfile)
	return 0

if __name__ == '__main__':

With this script you can only send simple text messages, but it might be usefull for someone anyway.

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When UC website gets confused

Bug or not, this is what happens when i try to access my university’s new website with two common browsers:

UCbroswerfail2 UCbroswerfail

Both browsers, at the time of the screenshots, were with their latest version and the message doesn’t always appear, that’s why i called it “confusion”. But the fun part is:


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Coimbra Startup Weekend: to go or not to go?


It seems to be a nice event and a well spent weekend with lots of things to be learned.

I don’t know if i’m the kind of participant they are hoping for or even if i’m ready, but nevertheless i’ll stay tunned for more information.

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Teleconferencing: The Kinect Way

Well, i was reading some of my usual blogs and news websites, when i found an article about this new MIT Media Lab project, the same “guys” that brought to us the Sixth Sense idea (this one I posted in my old blog).

I first saw the video in this engadged article and it looks awesome, please take a look at it:

It looks great! right?
I’ve done some research about this lab and it seems that they have lots of amazing ideas, i’ll try to follow and maybe write here a little bit more about some of their stuff that i find interesting.

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LCD monitor, How it works?

Recently i was reading ‘Geeks are Sexy‘ Blog and found this awesome video made by Bill Hammack ( “The engineer guy”) about LCD monitors. He unmounted one of them and explained the main components, their physical properties and how they work.

I will leave here the video and i can assure that if you ever made this question to your self, will be 4 minutes well spent.

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Running on 11.4

I have just upgraded my system and now i’m using openSuse 11.4. Till now everything has been great, the upgrade process went well with no big issues and KDE 4.6 is awesome. Here is a screenshot from openSuse website:


So if you’re want to try/use another Linux distribution that isn’t Ubuntu, give a chance to openSuse.

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12 of March in Portugal

Well this one goes to my Portuguese countrymen, it’s about the protest that is occurring right now in the streets of this poor country. I was supposed to write my humble opinion about it, but today a friend of mine sent me this internet link to read and I found that someone thinks the same way that i.

Check it out:

If you are wondering why i have such an opinion, i recomend you to read this fantastic essay written by Paul Graham in his book “Hackers and Painters”:

If you’re Portuguese, let me know if you agree with this vision.