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Running on 11.4

I have just upgraded my system and now i’m using openSuse 11.4. Till now everything has been great, the upgrade process went well with no big issues and KDE 4.6 is awesome. Here is a screenshot from openSuse website:


So if you’re want to try/use another Linux distribution that isn’t Ubuntu, give a chance to openSuse.

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12 of March in Portugal

Well this one goes to my Portuguese countrymen, it’s about the protest that is occurring right now in the streets of this poor country. I was supposed to write my humble opinion about it, but today a friend of mine sent me this internet link to read and I found that someone thinks the same way that i.

Check it out:

If you are wondering why i have such an opinion, i recomend you to read this fantastic essay written by Paul Graham in his book “Hackers and Painters”:

If you’re Portuguese, let me know if you agree with this vision.

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Goodbye Google Reader

After some years using Google Reader as the nº1 tool to aggregate my news feeds, yesterday I switched definitely to a new tool. In this one I have the control of all the data that I use and don’t give the usage statistics to some big company that maybe already knows enough about me.

It’s a goodbye to another one Google product, after i already quitted some of them because I’m trying to only use the essential ones.

So it’s also an hello to rssLounge, it doesn’t have as many features as Google Reader, but it’s enough for the usage that I give to a news aggregation tool.

Does anyone knows other Web RSS reader? because if it’s better than this one I’m willing to try it!

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Droopy likes ricochet

Just a while ago i was watching a trailer at Minecraft’s website to see some in-game action, when this sound produced by C418 comes in. It’s a really nice ambient sound, already added it to my Grooveshark, check it out:

Droopy likes ricochet by C418

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Ignite Coimbra

IgniteLast friday I went to the 9,5º Ignite Portugal, the first held in Coimbra, it was shorter than usual maybe because it happened between two major events,one in Lisbon and another in Oporto. For those who doesn’t know what i’m talking about, Ignite is:

“Fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, global—Ignite is all of these and more. It’s a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have an idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd.”

It all started in Seattle in 2006 and spread to all over the world. I was hoping for something bigger and with more talks about lots of other subjects, perhaps I went to the wrong event and the one that happened in Lisbon was what I had in my mind. Yet it was a well spent evening and I was particularly fascinated with Pedro Ruivo’s talk, “Sonhar>Acreditar>Alcançar>Superar”.

Finally I have to agree with Ignite’s philosophy, with 5 minutes talks you never get bored, it was 3 hours at cruising speed.

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Latest readings: Rework

In the end of 2010 i bought this book called “Rework”, written by some people from 37signals, but i didn’t had the time to read it till recently.

After doing it, i just have to say that it is amazing, i never thought i would read a book about business like this one. They challenged every conventional way of thinking about work.

And you know what?

I like the way they describe things and their proposal about how this stuff should work. I already had thought about the content found in some chapters of the book but i didn’t know if it would work, but they made it and seems they are doing just fine.

So if you someday read “Rework” or already read, take just about 2 minutes and leave your opinion in the comments.

You can find more about the book in the following here.

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Welcome to my new home in the web.

Hello, i would like to welcome you all to my new place on the internet. I used to post random stuff at, but those days are over. After a period of “rest” i’m back, but this time i will try to reach a broader audience so the content will be in english (or i will try to write something that looks like it).

Hope that you stop by once in a while and leave at the comments your opinion about the subjects.


P.S: My old blog is not online but i’m working to put it in here.